Corporate Accountant

(916) 400-9585

Wynde (Win-Dee) Miller has more than 10 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping, and she provides a colorful energy not only to the team but to a spreadsheet. Wynde joined the ProEquity team in 2018 as a Corporate Accountant after serving for Squeaky Clean Window Cleaners as a bookkeeper. Prior, she was a Project Accountant at RJP Framing Inc and Chapelli’s.

Having served as both an individual accountant as well as a group accounting effort, Wynde is an excellent leader and team player. She can efficiently divide up tasks and take charge of identifying objectives when needed. Her track record of completing projects on time is near perfect and can provide clients with special financial reports upon request in a timely manner.

In Wynde’s spare time, she loves outdoor adventures and spending time with her husband and kids in their new home.