With over 100 years of combined experience in the real estate industry, ProEquity Real Estate Services provides full-service operational solutions across every product type and asset class throughout the Western United States.

A Record of Success

Focusing on retail, office and industrial real estate, we know how - and where - to find value and opportunity. Our team is seasoned with experience in commercial asset management and we provide a variety of services for our clients ranging from Asset Management to Construction Management.

Asset Management

Offering a comprehensive platform of real estate operations, our team takes active operations and forward planning to integrate a full business plan and modeling approach over the full life of the investment. Each investment is modeled, monitored and navigated to maximize return.

Property Management

Our proactive approach on day to day operations focuses on keeping operating costs down while maximizing a properties appearance and building efficiencies translating in increased rents, retention and overall stabilization.

Development Services

Our analytic and methodical approach includes identification and advanced modeling of a potential opportunity, entitlement, as well as construction and delivery with the latest technology which allows our partners, clients and lenders secure and transparent insight into our development services.

Transaction Services

ProEquity prides itself in a “no deal too small” approach to leasing. When our transaction services are in tandem with property management, our team takes a very methodical approach to planning and implementing marketing and leasing programs focused on both short term and long term revenue.

Construction Management

Using the latest technological tools, our construction management team works fast, providing pre-transaction budgeting, maintenance monitoring as well as ground up tenant improvement and oversight to deliver projects under budget and on time.

Advisory Services

Our team has expertise in many individual and combined areas to help provide advisory services for any situation from loan workouts, advance financial modeling and due diligence for acquisition of disposition. In addition, we have the tools necessary to provide analysis and information to assist in the navigation of an investment.

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