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Vendor Information

Because we work hard to make each team succeed, we recognize that we couldn’t do it without the help of our selected vendors and service providers. The marketplace is competitive and we ask that our vendors and service providers recognize this. Because of this commitment, we believe in being upfront and proactive in the payment for services we, our partners and clients receive. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have issue with payment. Please review our policy below.

New Vendors

We welcome new vendors based on our project needs. If you think you are interesting in applying as a new vendor and become part of our bidding pool, please complete the attached application and fill out the simple form below. Upon review and acceptance, a ProEquity employee will contact you as the need arises.

Click Here to Download a Sample Contract

Current Vendors

In an effort to streamline approval of work and payment we encourage our vendors to provide pre-approved forms. This insures that there are no delays in approving the documentation required for payment. Should you have any questions please contact your ProEquity contact.

Unconditional Lien Release (CA)

Conditional Lien Release (CA)

Payment Policy

ProEquity Asset Management recognizes that not all policies apply to all work provided by our vendors. Below is an outline that is subject to the final terms and conditions set forward in your specific contract. Any conflicting terms below, please refer to contract, as it shall supersede. Should you have any question please contact us directly.

  1. For recurring charges, we are a net 30 company for services provided. We will not accept invoices for work that has not been completed, unless under specific terms of a contract.
  2. For all properties, each invoice must be in the name of the owner of record, care of ProEquity Asset Management. Please talk to your ProEquity contact to make sure you have the specifics that covers that property. We will not process payment unless the invoice is properly addressed.
  3. We require a current W9 on file executed by billing entity with tax id clearly stated.
  4. Copies of all appropriate certificates of insurance naming the owner of record for the property and ProEquity Asset Management Corporation as named and additionally insured. Required insurance limits will be provided to you via the ProEquity Vendor Contract.
  5. Executed ProEquity Vendor Contract must be on file and fully executed for recurring work. We understand and respect your contract form and we will integrate them as exhibits to our primary document.
  6. For construction work, ProEquity requires all vendors to comply with applicable law and not only provide proper pre-lien documentation, but that each payment is submitted with conditional or unconditional releases, as appropriate.
  7. For construction work, ProEquity has a 10% retention policy, except as restricted by law.
  8. ProEquity requires all vendors provide a list of all subcontractors, copies of insurance documentation, to match vendor requirements, and lien releases as required in item seven above.
  9. For non-recurring work, all work maybe subject to inspection prior to payment and/or payment of retention.