About Us

About Us

ProEquity Asset Management is a fully integrated commercial real estate company providing a full range of solutions for our partners and clients. Our expertise includes asset management, property management, development services, construction management, transactional services and advisory services.

More than any other time in a generation, the market demands a “back to fundamentals” approach in solving commercial real estate operation problems, while at the same time taking advantage of cost saving technologies and streamlined workflow. Established in 2012, The ProEquity Asset Management team is seasoned by over 100 years of combined experience, and is well positioned to bring properties back to stabilization and profitability. Our approach is focused on the single most important aspect: net operating income.

We accomplish our wide range of services by:

  • Implementing a top to bottom review of financial, contractual and physical conditions of assets.
  • Devising both a short term and long term strategic plan.
  • Constant monitoring and adjustment of the strategic asset plan.

ProEquity Asset Management’s aggressive and novel approach helps our clients’ effectiveness by lower operating costs, raising traditional and non-traditional income streams and increasing efficiency to realize stronger profitability.

We've built our company on integrity and trust - strengths that allow us to continue with what we do best: Providing our clients opportunities and expertise in an ever changing industry. Our mission is simple: We combine our passion, innovation and solutions in commercial real estate operations for our partners and clients.

If you have any questions, please call (866) 647-8844 or Contact Us.